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Real Life Examples of Slip and Fall Injuries

By Shoop Law  May. 9, 2011 12:08p

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common and are the subject of many personal injury lawsuits coming under the category of premises liability. It is necessary for property owners both private and commercial to ensure their premises are free of hazards to avoid personal injury lawsuits. Property must be kept safe and well maintained and if a hazard does exist, it needs to be clearly marked to give warning.

Some Unfortunate Slip and Fall Accidents

The following slip and fall accidents could have been avoided had the proper precautions been taken:

  • A woman who slipped on a spilled drink in a shopping mall fell and broke her arm. Video surveillance cameras that were in operation gave proof that no mall staff had inspected, handled or warned mall shoppers of the hazard for over two hours.
  • The plaintiff filed a premises liability lawsuit for personal injuries that occurred after falling over a concrete box that was raised up above the sidewalk.
  • A woman with the assistance of her attorney filed suit against a pizza parlor for failing to clear off snow in their parking lot which caused her to slip, fall and injure herself.

Professional Legal Help is Necessary

These are just a few examples of slip and fall injuries. Accidents such as these can occur almost anyplace and if you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident resulting from someone else's negligence in the Los Angeles area, you should contact a  Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately. There is a time limit for filing, and waiting can allow valuable evidence to get lost or misplaced that might be vital to supporting your case.

At The Shoop Law Firm, we can guide you through the actions you need to take to get maximum compensation for your injuries. We are aggressive, competent and compassionate and can help you on the road to recovery by holding those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions or inactions.  

Contact a Los Angeles slip and fall accident attorney in our office to set up a free consultation today.

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