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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Our Schools

By Ben Wright  Sep. 17, 2014 3:55p

As more and more information comes out regarding concussions and the traumatic brain injuries that can occur as a result of playing football, more and more legal issues are being raised. Now that the information is becoming more widely known, is it still safe for kids and adults to be playing? Or is it negligent and reckless to continue supporting the game?

NFL Results

Parents of young athletes are more concerned than ever when it comes to their kids taking hits on the field. And they should be. Data just recently released by the NFL shows that nearly one in three players will develop rehabilitating brain conditions. They went on to say that players will be stricken earlier and twice as often as the general population, and that an estimated 28 percent of the football retirees will develop Alzheimer's disease, moderate dementia, or more serious neurological problems. That means roughly 6,000 of the 19,000 living former players. And dozens of them could also develop Lou Gehrig's or Parkinson's disease.

For parents with kids looking to play professional football, or just recreational football, this is a big blow. It's a big concern, especially for kids who started playing in their youth.


Meanwhile, doctors are still learning and researching the cumulative effects of concussions. The hard part is concussions can be difficult to diagnose. It's now recommended that athletes get baseline concussion testing. "So baseline testing is any neurologic test that can objectively measure what their brain activity is like before [an injury]," Dr. Steven Erickson explained. "Then you repeat after an injury so you can compare their neurologic function to their previous neurologic function."

Schools Take Action

Luckily, schools are also getting involved. If diagnoses can be made sooner, then kids can be further protected from potential injuries. Todd Williamson, the head football coach at St. Mary's High School, was asked about steps the school is taking to protect all of its football players. He went on to explain that two doctors are on the sidelines for every game St. Mary's plays. Hopefully this type of action is taking place around the nation.

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