Pacific Attorney Group Articles How Birth Injuries Can Occur

How Birth Injuries Can Occur

By Pacific Attorney Group  May. 8, 2012 2:46p

It has been estimated that 6 out of every 1,000 births in the United States result in birth injuries. These types of injuries can range from swelling, bruising, and fractures to serious injuries than can lead to the need for life-long medical care. The latter type of injuries often involves lack of oxygen, resulting in mild to severe brain damage. These serious injuries can lead to cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, brachial plexus and Erb's palsy, which involve damaged nerves which affect the baby's ability to move the hand or arm.

In some of these instances, medical malpractice may be the underlying cause of the injuries. Such injuries are more prevalent in cases of difficult births, such as births involving mothers who have diabetes or other medical conditions, in large babies, breech babies, or when the umbilical cord has been constricted. Situations that can result in medical error include forced extractions using vacuum methods or forceps which require a delicate and practiced hand, prolonged labor where the infant has gone into distress, delayed c-sections, and the use of medications to induce labor, control pain, or anesthetize the mother. Failure to monitor the vital signs of the mother and the infant during the labor process can also lead to temporary or permanent birth injuries.

Legal Representation from a Los Angeles Birth Injury Attorney

The birth of your child should be a joyous event. When it is shattered by a birth injury, you should not hesitate to seek experienced professional help from an attorney who understands the complex legal area of medical malpractice. At the Pacific Attorney Group, you can discuss your case with a Los Angeles birth injury lawyer in a free consultation. Where medical error or deviation from accepted standards of care have resulted in a birth injury, you can pursue justice through the legal system with an injury claim or lawsuit.

Work with a firm that has 35 years of combined legal experience in obtaining financial compensation for those in the Los Angeles area who have been the victims of such malpractice.

Contact a Los Angeles birth injury attorney at the firm if your child has suffered a preventable birth injury today.

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