Pacific Attorney Group - San Jose Articles Students Injured in Pepper Spray Incident

Students Injured in Pepper Spray Incident

By Pacific Attorney Group  Dec. 30, 2011 2:39p

The debate on the use of pepper spray against students at a UC campus continues to get heated. Students and supporters were gathered on the campus in an ongoing protest when campus police attempted to remove some of the protesters. Initial reports stated that police had to use the pepper spray as they were surrounded by a potentially dangerous crowd of protesters. The campus police tried to claim self-defense. The story quickly changed, however, when video of the incident went viral. The video shows a calm group of protesters sitting quietly with arms linked while blocking a walkway. One of the policemen had a large canister of pepper spray and approached the seated protesters. He then proceeded to walk slowly along the line of protesters, spraying them with a thick, orange cloud that issued from the canister. Many of the onlookers began chanting, "Shame on you!" but there was no violence or threats of violence visible in the video footage by either the crowd or the seated protesters who continued to sit after being sprayed.

The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum and is derived from cayenne peppers. It can induce temporary blindness and mild to severe respiratory distress. It inflames the mucous membranes and tissues lining the nose, mouth and throat. Protesters who were sprayed in the above incident reported vomiting, burning eyes and skin, and breathing difficulties. Whether the use of the pepper spray was justified or not in this incident is a highly contentious point. Make sure any questions you may have regarding an injury case are answered by getting the help of a San Jose personal injury attorney.

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