Law Offices of Timothy Grabe Articles Oregon Traffic Accident and Injury Claim Data

Oregon Traffic Accident and Injury Claim Data

By Law Offices of Timothy Grabe, PC  Feb. 26, 2013 3:04p

The Oregon Department of Transportation's 2010 report concerning traffic accidents in the state showed that fatal crashes had decreased by 11.78 percent. All other statistics, however, reported by the agency showed an increase. Non-fatal injury accidents increased by 9.58 percent while total crashes went up by 6.84 percent. Traffic crashes involving bicycles, pedestrians, motorcycles, school buses, and trucks all increased with pedestrian accidents showing the largest increase of more than 19 percent. The most common driver errors resulting in accidents were failing to avoid stopped or parked vehicles ahead, failing to yield, failing to stay in one's lane, driving too fast for current conditions, and driver inattention. All of these errors can be considered to be negligence in any traffic collision.

Injury claims stemming from traffic accidents in Oregon are subject to the comparative negligence or comparative fault rule. Under this system, if you are more than 51 percent responsible for causing the accident, you are not eligible to receive damages for your injuries. If your fault is determined to be less than half, however, you can recover damages based on the percentage of your fault. If your fault was determined to be 25 percent, your damages amount will be reduced by 25 percent. Fault is the most critical issue in any car accident injury claim and is generally determined by the insurance company. Because of the importance of this issue, it is often vital that claimants seek competent legal representation in dealing with insurance carriers.

Portland Car Accident Lawyer

If you have sustained injuries in a traffic accident in or around the Portland area, the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe, PC offers a team approach to helping you obtain the legal compensation to which you may be entitled. This approach includes medical and financial experts who can assist in analyzing and understanding your situation, providing documentation concerning your injuries and losses, and enhancing the effectiveness of your injury claim. Furthermore, Attorney Grabe has 30 years of experience in handling injury claims through negotiated settlement or jury trials in the Portland area.

Life can be confusing, painful, and stressful after a car accident. Get the help you need with the legal details. Contact the firm for a free consultation to discuss your injury claim. You won't be charged a fee until a financial recovery is made on your behalf.

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