Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover Articles Slayer Of British Businessmen Put Behind Bars

Slayer Of British Businessmen Put Behind Bars

By Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover  Oct. 18, 2011 10:12a

Drunken Driver Violates Parole For Previous Car Accident

The man responsible for killing two British businessmen was sentenced to prison for violating his parole.

The son of two wealthy owners of a jewelry business, the defendant was first involved in a car accident in Chicago in 2006, when he collided with a police officer on foot during a high-speed chase. Per the terms of his parole, the suspect was required to notify his parole officer any time he traveled, and could not fly without prior permission.

He ran afoul of this rule when he flew unannounced to Fort Lauderdale to turn himself into police for a second car accident he committed in 2009. While in Florida on a business trip, the 36-year old was driving his Porsche while intoxicated and ran down two British businessmen walking to their hotel. He fled the scene, and police later found the car abandoned.

Payment To Families Allows Driver To Avoid Jail

The man kept his Florida case a secret from his Chicago parole officer, forgetting to inform the authorities when he was ordered to appear in the Fort Lauderdale court. The widows of the victims sued him, seeking a wrongful death suit against him.

He faced a possible sentence of as many as 45 years for his crimes, but paid an undisclosed amount of money to the families of the businessmen. As part of the deal, he escaped being sentenced to jail, instead being ordered to spend two years under house arrest. The compensation paid to the widows is estimated to be as much as $1.6 million.

This leniency did not last, however, after the Chicago police department learned of the parole violation. The court ordered him to spend eight months in jail, saying he had no one to blame but himself for the conflict between his parole and his court case in Florida.

A Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you have been the victim of a reckless driver who has caused you injury, it is vital that you seek the aid of aFort Lauderdale personal injury attorney right away. With the help of an experienced legal professional from the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover, you can hold the negligent party responsible for the pain and trauma inflicted upon you. Auto accidents occur with alarming frequency, and it is imperative that reckless drivers be forced to answer for their actions. At our firm, each client is given the assistance they deserve to pursue financial restitution.

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