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Understanding Wrongful Death Cases

By Leonard Matsuk  Feb. 28, 2011 9:00p

Wrongful death can take on many forms but each has one thing in common - it should not have happened. The death could have been prevented and was a result of someone's ill intentions, carelessness or negligence. A wrongful death can come about from medical malpractice, a car accident, a fight, a  defective product including an adverse reaction from a dangerous prescription drug, a construction accident, as well as from numerous other causes.

Family Rights and Wrongful Death

By law, the immediate family has the option to file a lawsuit against those responsible for the wrongful death, seeking damages to recover financial losses which can also include emotional costs, loss of future income from that person,  and more. There is a statute of limitations for filing this type of lawsuit and one should seek advice from a personal injury attorney.

Actions to Take

If you have a loved one that you suspect may be a victim of wrongful death in the Long Beach area, you should contact a  Long Beach personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If too much time elapses, evidence that is key to documenting the case may get misplaced or lost and this will have a negative impact on the case.

At the Law Office of Leonard Matsuk, we have over 30 years of experience successfully representing clients in personal injury cases including wrongful death. We are compassionate and caring, yet aggressive when needed to help our clients get the compensation they deserve. Mr. Matsuk is an experienced trial lawyer and will take cases to court if the liable party is unwilling to grant a fair and equitable settlement. 

The unnecessary loss of a loved one is a devastating and emotional situation and though moving forward can be difficult, a wrongful death should not be left unaddressed. Those responsible need to confront their wrongdoing so they won't  do the same injustice to another or others. 

Contact a Long Beach wrongful death lawyer in our office for a free consultation and we will go over the details of your case.

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