Law Office of Leonard Matsuk Articles Dr. Phil Faces Dog Bite Lawsuit

Dr. Phil Faces Dog Bite Lawsuit

By Law Office of Leonard Matsuk  Mar. 9, 2011 4:17p

Guest On Show Claims Host’s Dog Gave Her Infection

A skin care specialist has filed a lawsuit against talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, saying she was bitten by his dog, according to the New York Post.

A frequent guest on Dr. Phil’s talk show, Janet Harris had several segments on the program where she plugged her skin care and treatment center, Janet’s Skin Care. She claims in the recent lawsuit, however, that she ultimately had to close her Los Angeles business due to a severe arm infection she sustained, which rendered her unable to work. It was a bite from Dr. Phil’s dog, Maggie, which Harris alleges gave her the infection, after she visited the hosts home in 2009.

Harris is also claiming in her suit that she suffered a loss of hearing as a side effect of the antibiotics she was prescribed to fight the infection.

Dr Phil Fights Back Against Allegations

The embattled talk show host has spoken out against the claims in the suit in an attempt to defend himself in the eyes of the public.

He and his wife, Robin McGraw, claim that the bite was sustained when Harris “inadvertently startled” their dog Maggie, but that the injury was extremely minor and unlikely to have been the cause of the infection.

“As the photos taken at the time show, it was minor. In fact, Janet stayed and visited, petting Maggie,” Robin told reporters, denying that the bite was as vicious as Harris claims.

In addition, she says that Janet went on a vacation to Hawaii at the couple’s expense, and that they gave her their homeowner’s insurance information in case she wanted to file a claim. She did not do so until very recently, which the couple says implies the infection could not have been a result of the bite.

A Dog Bite Attorney Can Help You

Though they are not generally considered serious by the public, the truth is that dog bites can be extremely dangerous, even potentially life-threatening. Every year 30 Americans are killed in dog attacks, a number that continues to grow. If your or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the owner. At the Law Offices of Leonard Matsuk, our legal experts are ready to represent you! Leonard Matusk is a premier Long Beach dog bite lawyer, with decades of experience serving the community.

Contact a Long Beach dog bite attorney now for a free consultation!

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