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Preventing Workplace Injuries Related to Collisions - Workers Comp Attorney

By James Hoffmann  Dec. 1, 2016 10:23a

Cars accidents are a leading cause of death in the U.S., and a large percentage of these accidents occur at work. It is estimated that workplace motor vehicle accidents cost employers more than $47 billion each year. One of the major reasons behind this is loss of productivity, because injured workers are often unable to work due to workplace injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Medical expenses and other related costs also add up to the overall costs. Considering the fact that so many work related motor vehicle accidents take place, and because employers face enormous losses and costs, preventing these accidents is extremely important. Each year, Network of Employers for Traffic Safety conducts Drive Safely Work each year. This year, it was held in the first week of October. Our St. Louis workers compensation lawyer believes that with better training a large number of workplace car accidents can be prevented. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate the risk of accidents, steps can be taken to reduce the incidence.

Workers compensation benefits for work related car accidents

Missouri workers compensation typically pays for damages and losses from a workplace car accident whenever the crash happens due to work duties. The worker is generally entitled to receive benefits even if the crash was caused by the worker’s negligence.

The benefits are available to a worker who has to drive a motor vehicle as a part of their job. It is not just the truck drivers or taxi drivers who drive for work, there are many other types of workers who also drive including traveling salesmen and office workers tasked with picking up supplies for the workplace. In short, if the driving is work related, the worker should receive workers compensation benefits for the injuries sustained.

Employers have very strong reasons to prevent work related car accidents. It will help workers stay safe and reduce financial damages resulting from the accident. According to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, almost 50 percent of the work related accident can be avoided by providing adequate training to prevent these accidents. To help employers reduce the risk these accidents, employers can use various educational resources made available by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety. This year’s educational material is focused on prevention of accident resulting from distraction. The materials talk about the impact of driver fatigue eon driving ability, recognizing signs of fatigue, and the importance of getting adequate rest before coming to work.

The educational material also focuses on the risks associated with distracted driving due to the use of cell phones and other in—vehicle electronic devices. It also educates on the importance of buckling up as it can reduce the fatality rate by over 50 percent. The training is intended to help crash prevention.

If you get injured in a work related car accident, you should immediately seek legal advice from a competent St. Louis worker injury lawyer.

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