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United States Worker Injuries and Fatalities

By Kirk & Teff, LLP  Aug. 19, 2013 10:20a

The United States Department of Labor reports that in 2011 4,609 workers died while performing the duties of their jobs. This amounts to close to 90 workers every week or approximately 13 deaths every day. Since work fatalities first started to be collected in 1992, this comprised the third lowest yearly work-related death total. Out of this total, 749 were Hispanic or Latino workers. It is commonly known that many Hispanics work in the construction industry, which has one of the highest injury and death rates of all industries. Contractors accounted for 12 percent of all fatal injuries in 2011 with Hispanic contractors accounting for 28 percent of fatalities among the entire category of contractors.

4,188 workers died in the private sector in 2011. 17.6 percent of these workers were employed in the construction industry. Three out of five construction worker deaths are attributed to what is known as the "fatal four." These four causes of death are from 1) falls 2) electrocutions 3) being struck by an object and 4) being caught in or between things.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is responsible for conducting investigations into work safety standards. Its most frequently cited violations at work environments involve fall protection at construction sites, hazard communication standards in general industry, and scaffolding general requirements in construction.

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Far too many workers are injured or killed every year on the job. When this occurs, these workers and their families often face serious hardships involving medical bills and other expenses they must pay while unable to work. This can wreak havoc on any family, leaving the breadwinner and his or her dependents wondering how they will make it. In such a situation, it is important to have the knowledge you need to ensure that your rights are protected.

The law firm of Kirk & Teff, LLP is devoted to helping injured workers and their families. The firm can help you navigate the entire process of applying for workers' compensation as well as filing appeals when denied that compensation. This is a firm that has the experience and credentials to make a difference in your case. Founding attorney Ralph Kirk has more than 30 years of experience alone in representing injured workers. Justin Teff's work concerning the subject of workers' compensation has been published in peer-reviewed journals and he has conducted seminars on the subject to other legal education students. If you have been injured at work, get your questions and concerns addressed by one of the team's professionals in a free case consultation at your earliest convenience.

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