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Fatal Work Accidents: Is There Compensation Available?

By Katz, Leidman, Grossman, Wolfe & Freund  Mar. 15, 2012 8:50p

The workers' compensation laws in New York State are very clear – benefits are awarded to individuals who are injured on the job regardless of fault. What happens, though, when a person is fatally injured due to an accident at work? Is there compensation available for the surviving family members to compensate for the financial loss due to medical expenses, funeral expenses, or income? How can the loss of companionship be measured? Will you be compensated on behalf of your beloved family member who suffered an injury at work that led to their untimely death?

Workers' comp and work-related accident cases are often some of the most difficult for a person to take on alone because of the complexity and ambiguity of the law in regards to death benefits. Your family member's employer may deny that the accident occurred at work or that a loophole prevents you from obtaining benefits from your family member's death. No matter what the "excuse" from the employer may be, you have the right to explore your options and fight to pursue wrongful death benefits through workers' compensation law in New York.

Some of the benefits that may be made available to you and your family after the death of your loved one include weekly cash benefits that may be equal to two-thirds of the worker's average weekly wages and funeral expenses up to $5,000 or $6,000. This compensation is especially helpful for a family who lost the main wage earner in their household; the payments can hold the family over until another member can find employment. If you are seeking to obtain financial benefits after the loss of your loved one, do not hesitate to bring your case forward to a law firm specializing in workers' compensation.

At Katz, Leidman, Grossman, Wolfe & Freund, the legal team is dedicated to pursuing justice in all personal injury and workers' compensation cases throughout New York. The firm knows that these cases are often more difficult than others in the sense that an employer may be disputing the injuries or wrongful death. It is important to establish the facts of the case with your New York workers' compensation attorney by your side. With these facts, you can present a clear argument to the employer and for the insurance claim. Having a strong case to present for the insurance claim, you can be sure to have a higher chance of securing the settlement that you truly deserve. To learn more about workers' compensation death benefits, please contact a New York workers' compensation lawyer from Katz, Leidman, Grossman, Wolfe & Freund.

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