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Recent Defective Product Lawsuits

By David A. Zipfel & Associates, LLC  Mar. 14, 2013 9:50a

Many consumer products turn out to be defective, causing harm to consumers who use them as directed. Such products can range from auto parts to appliances, prescription medicines, children's toys, and food products to medical devices and household goods. In such cases, consumers who have sustained injury may seek legal recourse through an injury claim against the manufacturer. Where many consumers have been harmed, such legal action may turn into a class-action lawsuit where a substantial group of individuals bring a collective claim to the courts. Many class action lawsuits have been initiated in the past few decades against large corporations manufacturing everything from motor vehicles to drugs.

Consumer products can be defective in their design, manufacture, or in their marketing or labeling. For example, drugs which are promoted by pharmaceutical companies to treat conditions other than for what the drug was intended can be considered "defective" or fraudulent. Furthermore, drugs which have not been adequately tested and produce more harm than benefit due to dangerous side effects can also be deemed defective. Recent examples of lawsuits based on product liability in the U.S. include a class action lawsuit against drug giant Pfizer concerning its drug Zoloft, a class action lawsuit against Fisher-Price concerning its Newborn Rock 'n' Play Infant Sleeper, and Ford Motor Company facing a defective engine class action lawsuit concerning 6.0 liter engines in 2002 trucks.

Injured by a defective product in Hartford, Connecticut?

An injury claim against a manufacturer can be a complex and difficult action to undertake which is why you need the legal counsel of a seasoned personal injury lawyer. The personal injury law firm of David A. Zipfel & Associates, LLC, based in Hartford has the kind of legal experience needed for such cases. Mr. Zipfel has personally handled more than 2,000 injury claims; his firm has been in business since 1978. That is the kind of experience that stacks up to a wealth of knowledge and skill in helping injury victims obtain needed and rightful compensation that is fair and just.

If you have been injured due to a defective product or in any other way, such as a car accident, where negligence has occurred, contact the firm immediately. You will pay nothing up front to get your claim started and you will have the benefit of a seasoned attorney and legal team who will work vigorously on your behalf to achieve the justice you deserve.

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