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The Dangers of Escalators

By Bostwick and Peterson LLP  Nov. 14, 2010 3:25p

On Saturday, February 17, 1996, a four year old boy was seriously injured in an escalator accident. He was standing on the same step as his father when his foot became entrapped between the sidewall and the step. His father managed to pull his foot out of his tennis shoe, but not without Injury. As the boy and his father rode down the escalator, the boy's shoe rubbed against the metal sidewall causing the rubber to soften and slip into the gap. The machine pulverized his big toe and the boy lost his second and third toe in an instant. The bottom of the boy's foot was sliced completely back. The boy endured seven surgeries, over one hundred stitches and an amputation of his big toe. After months in a wheelchair, walker and casts, the boy was able to walk again. 

An escalator is a moving staircase, used to transport people between floors of a building. Escalators are commonly used in shopping malls, airports, department stores, convention centers, hotels and other public buildings. They have the capacity to move large quantities of people in high traffic places, sort of like a highway for pedestrians. It is estimated that people use escalators 90 billion times every year.

Escalator Accident Injury Statistics

The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates there are approximately 7,500 escalator accidents that require hospitalization in the U.S. each year. The agency also estimates that 75 percent of escalator injuries are a result of falls and 20 percent of injuries result from entrapment at either the bottom or the top of an escalator, or between the sidewall and a moving stair. Unfortunately, over half of sidewall injuries involve children under the age of five.  

Escalator accident victims and their families have a right to initiate a lawsuit against the manufacturer or property owner, depending on who is the liable party. Often, poor maintenance or failures to warn riders of existing hazards cause escalator injuries. If you or someone you care about has been injured on an escalator, a San Francisco premise liability attorney from Bostwick & Peterson LLP  can help you determine who is liable for the incident, in order to aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries.  

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