Bostwick & Peterson LLP Articles Officers Arrest Suspect Allegedly Responsible For Collision

Officers Arrest Suspect Allegedly Responsible For Collision

By Bostwick & Peterson, LLP  Dec. 12, 2012 4:10p

Wanted Parole Violator Taken Into Custody By San Francisco Police

Police officials are reporting that they have taken into custody a recently released criminal sought by law enforcement officers after he failed to report to his parole meeting. The man was reportedly involved in an automobile accident during a chase shortly before his arrest.

The 24-year old man was identified by law enforcement officials as a convicted criminal with ties to gang violence, who had been released just a few days prior to the incident after serving time in prison for multiple gun violations. The suspect, investigators claim, had been scheduled to appear at a meeting with his parole officer, but never showed up to the appointment.

Officers placed a warrant out for the suspect's arrest shortly after he failed to appear. According to police reports filed in connection to the incident, the man was spotted at the intersection of Monterey Boulevard and Gennessee Street by San Francisco police officers at approximately 3:05 pm on Wednesday, November 28th.

Defendant Leaves Scene Of Accident Pursued By officers

As the policemen approached the man, who was driving a green Ford Mustang, the suspect noticed the officers and sped away from the scene, crashing into the patrol vehicle before fleeing. SFPD report that the suspect drove away from the scene of the collision at dangerous speeds.

The man was followed by several law enforcement agents before he was able to shake off pursuit. Investigators say they discovered the Mustang shortly thereafter, abandoned near Holly Park Circle. After searching the Bernal Heights area, however, they found no sign of the fugitive.

Thanks to an anonymous tip, however, officers say they discovered the whereabouts of the suspect at about 8:30 pm that same evening. The tipster informed police that the man was hiding out at a residence on Appleton Avenue, in the 100 block. SFPD from Ingleside station surveyed the home and confirmed the presence of the fugitive. Law enforcement officers set up a perimeter around the house and made contact with the man. The suspect surrendered without conflict and was taken into custody.

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