Bostwick & Peterson LLP Articles Fixed Brake Bicyclist Injures Elderly Woman

Fixed Brake Bicyclist Injures Elderly Woman

By Bostwick and Peterson LLP  Feb. 18, 2011 11:20a

Last Friday's Accident Sends Woman to Hospital In Critical Condition

Last Friday, a 25 year old on a fixed wheeled bicycle collided with an elderly pedestrian crossing the street, reports the San Francisco Examiner. The incident occurred at Mission Street and Silver Avenue, as the 61-year old woman was traveling across the crosswalk. The light had switched to green already, but the cars were waiting for her to make her way clear of the street. 

At this point the bicyclist, who was weaving his way through the stopped cars, smashed into her, injuring her severely, and sending her to the hospital in critical condition. He immediately called the police to inform them of the incident. No citation or charges have yet been filed against him. "He didn't stop or slow down," reported Police Sergeant Michael Andraychak. "I don't think he saw her, to be quite frank."

Rising popularity of 'fixies' dangerous?

The cyclist's vehicle is what is known as a fixed gear bike, nicknamed a fixie, which cannot coast because the pedals are always moving, allowing them to be used to brake. Unfortunately, the growing trend for young people to use these bikes with which they are often not familiar could be cause for alarm. 

Bike messengers often favor fixies due to the amount of maneuverability and control they allow. However, they are also difficult to learn to ride, especially when used without a handle-brake, as is the current trend. The cyclist's bike was impounded for the reason that it lacked brakes, a traffic infraction.

A Personal injury Lawyer Is Your Best Bet

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