Bostwick & Peterson LLP Articles Canine Attack Hospitalizes Two

Canine Attack Hospitalizes Two

By Bostwick and Peterson LLP  Feb. 20, 2011 11:15a

Marauding Dogs Assault Passersby in Golden Gate Park

At approximately 6:40 in the morning, police received a phone call alerting them to a situation on Golden Gate Park early one Thursday. Two dogs, a male pit bull and a female mixed shepherd breed, assaulted several random strangers who were walking through the park.

One person merely had their clothes torn to shreds, but managed to escape the assault without sustaining any significant injury. Two others were not so luckily, unfortunately. A 71-year old woman and a man of middle age were also attacked by the roving canines, and both were injured severely enough to be sent to the hospital. Both victims were rushed by ambulance to San Francisco General Hospital, where they received care for their wounds.

Police Take Dogs Into Custody

Police were mobilized to try and apprehend the dogs, which had escaped in the confusion, along with officers from the center for animal control. The female shepherd breed was cornered along Lloyd Lake and brought into custody without much fuss.

The male pit bull, on the other hand, was much more difficult to apprehend, requiring several shots from a nonlethal bean bag weapon and even a service weapon before being taken in. After five days without anyone coming forward to claim ownership of the two, the police department officially took ownership. Though they had no wish to do so, the police said they deemed the dogs such a threat to public safety they had to be euthanized.

Seek A Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one is attacked by a dog or any other wild animal, the consequences can be quite severe. Dog attacks are very dangerous, in part because people often underestimate the damage a dog can do to a human being. It is important that you take action against the owner of a dog attack, to ensure that the dog is not allowed to cause any more harm to anyone else. A San Francisco attorney from Bostwick & Peterson LLP is an experienced personal injury lawyer who has served the community for decades.

Contact a San Francisco dog attack lawyer and get the compensation you deserve.

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