Bostwick & Peterson LLP Articles Bay Area Driver Involved In DUI Spree

Bay Area Driver Involved In DUI Spree

By Bostwick and Peterson LLP  Feb. 19, 2011 11:15a

Drunk Driver Gets Into Two Accidents In One Day

Police officials are reporting that they have taken in custody the man responsible for three serious injuries recently. The man was apprehended while driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level nearly three times the legal limit. The suspect in custody is 53-year old San Francisco local Richard Joseph Cronin. After getting behind the wheel of his vehicle while severely intoxicated, Cronin proceeded to get into a series of drunk driving accidents, injuring three people.

The first injury occurred as a young couple in their early twenties was chasing their dog across the road. Cronin failed to slow down or even stop, colliding with the two and leaving them seriously injured. Cronin did not stop, continuing on his drunken way.

Shortly thereafter Cronin reached an intersection where he ran a red light, striking a vehicle violently in the rear and injuring a third victim, though not quite as severely. Once again Cronin fled the scene of his crime, only to be apprehended by police officers not far away from the second location.

According to a report released by the police, Cronin had a previous DUI conviction in which he had injured someone. The couple, a 23-year old man and his 21-year old girlfriend, was admitted to the hospital with severe wounds, including spinal damageand bone fractures.

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