Bostwick & Peterson LLP Articles Bay Area Cable Car Accidents Cost City Millions

Bay Area Cable Car Accidents Cost City Millions

By Bostwick and Peterson LLP  Feb. 21, 2011 11:09a

Two Separate Incidents Leave Permanent Injuries

In recent years, two separate accidents involving San Francisco cable cars have left injured victims in their wake, with the city expected to pay millions of dollars in damages. In July 2008, at the intersection of Mason and Washington, a cable car became stuck on the track and unable to move. This itself is not an unheard of occurrence, as cable car operators have been known to push their cars free from this troublesome spot of track. Management of the Muni cars reportedly was aware of this problem, and did not have any plans to fix the issue with the intersection. 

On this particular day, operators attempting to dislodge the car sent it careening of the track, injuring several passengers that were flung off. Currently a $2.1 million settlement is being discussed, to be split amongst three victims injured in the incident. 

Yet another accident involving the cars occurred when a cable car went out of control and crashed into a parked vehicle, severely injuring John Gainor, a local. Gainor had to have his foot removed after the collision. In this case, however, Gainor refused the $2.75 million settlement he was offered, instead choosing to go to trial. The personal injury attorneys representing Gainor claim that the cable car operator negligently failed to apply the brakes, which led to the accident.

Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer in San Francisco

When a city agency willfully allows dangerous behavior to occur on public transport, it is the right of all citizens to sue for remuneration when accidents inevitably transpire. If you or someone you know has been victimized by negligence, stand up and fight back. Bostwick & Peterson is one of the foremost personal injury firms in the Bay Area.   A Personal injury lawyer  from Bostwick & Peterson LLP has decades of experience winning compensation for victims of accidents, and will aggressively pursue every available option to ensure you receive what you deserve.  

Act immediately! Contact a San Francisco personal injury attorney  today!

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