Latest News 2012 April Prison Guards Allegedly "Foster" Brutality and Conceal Injuries

Prison Guards Allegedly "Foster" Brutality and Conceal Injuries

As reported by the Courthouse News Service, a personal injury lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a man that was allegedly set up in a gang fight, and his injuries hidden by the “in-house” medical center.

In the lawsuit it is claimed that guards employed in a private prison not only allowed gang members to attack and severely beat a prisoner, they instigated and watched the fight until the victim was rendered unconscious.

Corrections Corporation of America, based in Nashville, is accused of employing guards that “foster” brutality between inmates and then conceal any injuries within the walls of the “in-house” medical center.

Along with the corporation, victim J.C. is also suing CCA Western Properties, and the warden of the CCA’s Idaho Correctional Center, P.V.

Managing 60 prisons and 90,000 beds, Corrections Corporation of America is the biggest private corrections company in the U.S.

J.C. claims that CCA “has allowed and even fostered systemic conditions of brutality, peril and injuriousness at the ICC (Idaho Correctional Center)” during his internment.

On August 10, 2010, according to the lawsuit, J.C. was taken out of his cell and brought to the area of the prison that housed rival gang members. That evening, when his cell door was left open, he presumed it was for a mattress to be brought in.

The suit states, “Around 8 p.m.…cell doors at ICC were opened mechanically by the officer in the control center. Mr. (J.C.)…stepped out of the cell …Suddenly, Mr. (J.C.) saw prisoners running towards him… known gang members, began attacking him.”

Following the attack “Mr. (J.C.) suffered significant physical and emotional injuries, including, but not limited to, being punched and …receiving a broken front tooth, a fractured eye socket, and a partially torn ear. After a few minutes of being beaten, Mr. (J.C.) lost consciousness. A few hours later, Mr. (J.C.) was taken to St. Alphonsus Hospital’s emergency room.”

The suit further alleged, “Defendant CCA's staff knew that by placing (J.C.) in a setting with rival gang members he was at great physical risk of attack...CCA officials are aware of the substantial danger of assault that gang members such as Mr. (J.C.’s) face from rival gang members, and have a policy of keeping rival gang members separated.”

J.C. has maintained that he has no known reason why he was attacked. He also claims that his injuries are both permanent and progressive, and he continues to suffer with physical and mental trauma.

ICC warden P.V. is accused of not hiring enough correctional officers, failure to train those he has hired and a failure to insure that officers are disciplined in any instances that they contributed, or facilitated, fights among inmate.

In regards to the complaint about the in-house medical center, the suit states, “Defendants CCA and (P.V.) have operated the ICC's 'in house' medical unit so as to purposefully conceal the incidence and extent of inmate injuries suffered as a result of the facility's recurrent violence...”

Damages are sought for negligence, gross negligence and recklessness.

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