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Woman Drowned in Boat Accident

A New Hampshire woman is presumed drowned after a boat accident occurred. The woman's body has not been found, but the search was being treated as a recovery, not a rescue. The woman was out in a canoe with two others at the time of the accident. The other two were able to swim to shore, but none of the three was wearing a life vest.

While the details of the above boat accident are unclear as of now, if the accident was the cause of another's negligent actions then they should be held responsible. No one should have to suffer injuries or death because another person acts carelessly putting someone's life in danger. Boat accidents often result in head trauma, concussions, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and many other life-changing injuries. You do have options if you have been injured in a boat accident, but it's important that you go about your case in the proper way. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you can work on protecting your rights and recovering expenses that you have been facing as a result of the boat accident. An injury lawyer will know how to handle insurance companies and any necessary court proceedings. Please take some time today to contact a personal injury lawyer and begin discussing your case.