Latest News 2010 March State Task Force to Beef up Nursing Home Safety

State Task Force to Beef up Nursing Home Safety

In Illinois, the task force visited nursing homes and is now working to make nursing homes safer for residents. Some of the recommendations of changes include enhancing pre-admission screenings and background checks, setting and enforcing higher standards of care, and expanding home and community-based residential and service options. This all will aide in problems such as inadequate staffing, weak enforcement of rules, excessive prescriptions, residents unaware of their rights and many other concerns that are making nursing homes unsafe.

Your loved one shouldn’t have to suffer from nursing home abuse and doesn’t have to if nursing homes become safer. However, if your loved one does suffer from nursing home abuse then you should hold the guilty party responsible for their negligent actions. You and your loved one have rights that should be protected at all times.

With the help of a nursing home abuse lawyer, you can pursue a case and recover expenses so that your loved one can receive proper care. An attorney will know what to expect with your case and how to handle all the difficult aspects such as investigations and court proceedings. Contact a nursing home abuse attorney today to begin discussing the details of your case.