Latest News 2010 March Nursing Home Resident Sues for Abuse

Nursing Home Resident Sues for Abuse

A nursing home resident has filed a civil lawsuit against a nursing home and an aide who allegedly sexually abused the resident. The resident is partially paralyzed and claims that the aide entered his room, disrobed him and touched him in a sexual manner against his will. This is the second charge against the aide. The resident currently still lives at the nursing home and is recovering from a stroke he had three years ago.

Nursing home abuse of this type is incredibly difficult for anyone to deal with at any time. No one or their family should have to deal with this matter, but should be able to pursue a case against the person responsible for the abuse. You do have options in holding the guilty party responsible for their actions.

By working with a nursing home abuse attorney, you can pursue a case while protecting your loved one from further abuse. A lawyer will know what to expect with your case and how to best approach it in order to resolve it in a timely manner. An attorney will handle difficult aspects such as investigations of the abuse, dealing with insurance companies and moving forward with court proceedings. Please take some time today to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to begin discussing your case.