Latest News 2010 March Motorcycle Accident Closes Tunnel in Oakland

Motorcycle Accident Closes Tunnel in Oakland

An accident involving a motorcycle and another vehicle occurred in Oakland on February 25, 2010. According to the California Highway Patrol, the motorcycle accident occurred at the entrance of the Caldecott Tunnel. When the accident occurred, the motorcyclist landed on the roadway and then transported to a hospital. It is unclear what the motorcyclists condition is or what the cause of the accident was.

Motorcycles offer little protection so when someone is involved in a motorcycle accident they may be quite seriously injured. Motorcycle accidents can result in broken bones, internal bleeding, fractured ribs, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, concussions and whiplash. These injuries leave people dealing with many unexpected expenses that can affect every aspect of someone's life.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another's negligence then you need to know that you can pursue a case against the negligent party. A personal injury attorney will help you protect your rights and move forward in recovering expenses. With the help of an injury lawyer you will be able to focus on recovering while your attorney focuses on dealing with insurance companies and court proceedings. Please take some time to contact a personal injury lawyer today to begin discussing the details of your case.