Latest News 2010 March Elder and Nursing Home Abuse Increases in Utah

Elder and Nursing Home Abuse Increases in Utah

In Utah, the cases of elder and nursing home abuse are on the rise as money for the Adult Protective Services has been scarce which leads to a lack of protection for seniors. The APS investigates various reports of elder and nursing home abuse but has had less ability to do so due to budget cuts. Also, caregivers at nursing homes are less trained due to budget cuts in that area as well.

Clearly, nursing home abuse is becoming far more common due to many factors including the lack of funding to protect and care for elders. It’s important that you know that if your loved one is abused by a nursing home that you can take action against the guilty party and recover expenses for medical care and suffering. No one should have to suffer in a nursing home when they are relied on to care for residents. It’s in your best interest to move forward with a case and settle this matter. With the help of a nursing home abuse attorney, you can pursue a case and resolve the matter in the most beneficial way possible. A lawyer will know what to expect with your case and how to approach serious matters such as dealing with investigations, insurance companies and court proceedings. You can trust in an attorney to always have your best interest in mind. Please take some time to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer today to begin discussing your case.