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Man Files Claim against the City of Fort Wayne

It is reported that a man, Nicholas S. Lehman of Fort Wayne, has filed a lawsuit against the city.  Lehman claims that a finger he recently had reattached was severed while he was being booked at the Allen County Lockup and must be amputated. 

Lehman was arrested on January 21, 2008 for a misdemeanor offense.  While he was being booked by law enforcement officers, he alleges that he told records employee, Ryan Morgan, that he recently had surgery to reattach his right pinkie finger.  He alleges that he also told Morgan he could not straighten that particular appendage.  After the warning, Lehman claims that Morgan grabbed his hand, straightened his finger and ultimately tore his stitches.  His finger was then detached from his hand.

Due to the severing of the finger, Lehman now faces amputation. 

On Wednesday, Lehman filed his lawsuit in the Allen Superior Court against the city of Fort Wayne, the Fort Wayne Police Department and the Allen County Sheriff's departments.  He also listed other officers and Morgan as defendants.
At this time, Lehman is citing negligence and is seeking monetary damages for "appropriate" relief and a jury trial.

A spokeswoman from the city refused to issue a comment stating that they do not talk about pending litigation
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