Latest News 2010 February Bus Accident Injures Baseball Team

Bus Accident Injures Baseball Team

When the Dixie State College baseball team was traveling on the school bus, they were involved in an accident with a truck plowing snow. While driving back from Phoenix, the baseball team's bus was following a plow truck when the truck came to a sudden stop because a vehicle had spun of the road. The school bus then collided with the back of the truck resulting in severe damage. Five of the baseball team members suffered minor injuries, while the other members were taken back to the school after they all escaped through the emergency window exits.

Bus accidents such as this one leave a number of people injured because of another's negligent actions. Many people can be left dealing with broken bones, whiplash, concussions, internal bleeding, head trauma and spinal cord injuries. When you are facing these injuries, you will also be facing medical bills, lost work wages and vehicle damage repair. No one should have to experience these difficulties when another person has caused their injuries.

When you are injured in a bus accident, please contact a personal injury lawyer to begin discussing your case. Your accident attorney will always have your best interest in mind while your rights are protected. Contact a lawyer today and you can take the steps to begin pursuing a case and moving forward with your life.