Latest News 2010 August Major Auto Accident Occurs in San Diego

Major Auto Accident Occurs in San Diego

San Diego County police officer say that a major auto accident occurred after a cheap smashed into a parked car on a highway shoulder in Vista.  The collision killed three people and injured a fourth person.

After the accident, authorities had to close westbound Highway 78 for four hours.  According to the county medical examiner's office, the women who were in the Nissan Altima that pulled onto the highway shoulder after one became ill were employed by Valley View Casino.  They were outside of the vehicle when it was hit by a Jeep Cherokee from behind.

Both of the women, who are each 23 years old, lived in Escondido and Valley Center.  Two men that were inside the Altima did not suffer any injuries but a 34-year-old man who was riding in the Jeep died.

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