Latest News 2009 February Colorado Woman Wins Lawsuit against Insurance Company

Colorado Woman Wins Lawsuit against Insurance Company

In LaFayette, Colorado, it is reported that a woman who was engaged in a legal battle with her insurance provider just won her case.  Reports indicate that the woman filed her claim because her insurance company cut her benefits after she was involved in a major car accident.

The woman, Jennie Latham, says that both she and her husband suffered brain injuries and broken bones after being involved in a car crash which was not her fault.  She had to be hospitalized for over a month after her accident.  After returning home for a week following her hospitalization, she learned that Assurant Health had refused to pay for her medical expenses.

 According to Latham, the medical bills caused her family financial devastation.  She said, "We ended up losing everything.  Our house.  Our car was already totaled."

She said that Assurant Health failed to pay her medical bills after they claimed she lied on her application because she didn't mention she had taken a trip to an emergency room before her accident.  She had gone to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath.
Latham's lawyer countered that nothing was medically wrong with her and the jury presiding over her case in Boulder County awarded her $37 million.

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