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Woman Sues K-Mart for Slip & Fall Accident

In West Virginia, a woman is filing a lawsuit against retail giant, K-Mart.  According to the woman, she slipped on some liquid that had been spilled near the women's dressing room.  After falling, she claims that she sustained serious injuries. 

On July 14th, Cornetta Brisco filed her personal injury lawsuit against K-Mart Corp. in the Kanawha Circuit Court.  In her legal paperwork, she states that she was shopping at the K-Mart in Patrick Street Plaza in Charleston on January 17, 2008.

Brisco alleges that after her slip and fall accident, she suffered from both neck and head pain.  She also alleged that the accident further complicated a pre-existing back injury.   Brisco is hoping to obtain monetary compensation from her injuries.

Attorney Larry O. Ford id representing the large retail corporation and Judge Charles King of the Kanawha Circuit Court will preside over the case.

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