Featured News 2018 The Dangers of Amusement Parks

The Dangers of Amusement Parks

With summer in full swing, families are flooding the nation's many amusement parks to ride over 2 billion park attractions.

Amusement parks are a great place for families to enjoy themselves during the summer and have a good time...but what many people don't realize is there are thousands of amusement park injuries every year, ranging from cuts and broken bones to paralysis and other catastrophic injuries.

These frightening disasters can even lead to death when rides or roller coasters malfunction or employees fail to show proper care.

The Dangers of Roller Coasters

Amusement park injuries can occur because of defective machinery, a negligent worker, a pre-existing health condition, or an incident that was outside of anyone's control. The manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the rides do not have any defects. An incident as simple as a malfunctioning seat belt or safety harness can result in death.

Whatever the case, if you were injured by a design flaw, manufacturing error, or human negligence, the guilty party should be held accountable for their actions.

One example of an amusement park accident occurred at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. In June of 2007, a faulty cable snapped and struck a 13-year-old girl just above her ankles. As a result, both of the girl's feet were severed. It was shown that the amusement park failed to adequately train the ride operator, and if they had done so, the accident would not have resulted in such a tragic injury.

Deaths and serious injuries can result from several different types of accidents such as:

  • Fall from their seats
  • Damage from sudden jerking of the neck and head
  • Excessive g-forces exerted on the riders
  • Drowning at waterparks

These injuries can cause serious health problems, such as carotid dissection, strokes, traumatic brain injury, or paralysis. These are all possible injuries that may occur from the different types of possible injuries listed above.

How Can Accidents Be Avoided?

It is the responsibility of the amusement park to ensure their guests' safety; however, there are some safety tips that can help prevent people from being injured.

  • If you believe that the ride operator is distracted and not doing their job correctly, let a park employee know about their behavior immediately. And don't board the ride!
  • Also, check if your seat belt or safety harness is secure. If something doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to speak up!
  • Finally, it is dangerous to stand up during a ride or put your arms or legs outside of the ride, as it could result in accidental amputation.

If you were injured at an amusement park, talking to a personal injury attorney could ensure that you receive the compensation you need to recover from the damages.

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