I was injured in a truck accident, what should I do next?

Two months ago I was on my way home from work late at night when I was involved in a terrible accident. I was driving the speed limit and in my lane when I noticed a truck driver in my rear view mirror swerving back and forth. At that point I was thankful the driver was behind me, but still concerned for him. Miles down the freeway there was construction and the lanes went from 4 to 1, and as the traffic started to slow down the truck driver behind me didn't. His huge 18 wheeler crashed into me, completely total my car and I have been experiencing uncontrollable headaches ever since. I can't sleep and even going about my daily functions at my job is difficult after the impact of the crash. His insurance paid for my cars damage, but the bills are adding up for the doctor and chiropractor and I can't afford it. what should I do?

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Being involved in a trucking accident is a scary thing, and a situation that can leave a driver in a smaller car to feel completely helpless. It is fortunate the accident was not life threatening, though the outcome of constant pain is far from ideal. When involved in any form of motor vehicle accident, it is important to know that you have the right to seek compensation for the event. Many times when dealing with trucking accidents there are a lot of possible scenarios that led to your incident. For example, considering that the crash was at night, there is a chance the driver was struggling from fatigue or tiredness, it is not unheard of to have truck drivers go longer than the legal hours in order to get to their desired location. Also, distractions could play another huge role in the accident as well. For example, if the driver was texting or trying to eat, etc. while behind the wheel that could have led to the accident. What is important is that you know you have the right to take legal action and pursue the compensation you deserve. Medical bills add up, especially when appointments at the chiropractor are not covered under your usual insurance. Many times with an auto accident, the insurance will cover some of the damage costs, but rarely do they pay for you to get a completely new car. It is important that you call not only a personal injury attorney, but one who is specifically skilled in the area of trucking accident lawsuits. At our firm we have years of experience helping our clients get what they deserve after an injury and we want to help you with that as well. Call us or another personal injury attorney in your nearby area to start the legal process, it is your right to fight for compensation!

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