My niece drowned at a local pool, can we sue over her death?

My 10 year old niece slipped on the edge at our community pool and hit her head. She was unconscious when she fell into the pool, and no one saw her until it was too late. She was declared dead at the hospital. They had a bunch of lifeguards on duty but they must not have been doing their jobs, because she was under water for a couple of minutes. Can my brother and his wife sue the city for her death?

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Your family should speak with a qualified and experienced attorney in your state as soon as possible. It is possible that the city or pool manager could be held responsible for the loss of your niece, because they have a duty to make sure the visitors to their facility are safe. A legal expert can look into the circumstances of your niece's death and determine whether the negligence of the pool staff and lifeguards is to blame for the accident, and they can help you file a wrongful death claim.

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